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CRM and social content for leading video streaming platform


espell is a strategic localization partner to one of the world’s leading global over-the-top media service providers. The company pursues intense multi-market communication with subscribers on various digital channels. They faced the challenge of localizing their CRM and social content into several markets, including adaptation to diverse cultural and linguistic nuances in each market. In addition, they were seeking advice to decide which translation tool to procure and how to connect it with their existing platforms.


espell provided a long-term and sustainable solution, including tool selection and integration, as well as transcreation, copywriting, and subtitling services into 16 languages. espell’s team of experts ensured that the content resonated with local audiences while also maintaining the brand’s identity and messaging. As a result, the customer successfully launched their product in multiple markets.

"A leading social media provider tasked us with translating their English content into Hungarian. They needed a team that could handle promotional, legal and technical texts in their own CMS, with quick turn-around times and strict quality requirements. espell surpassed expectations by assembling a team of dedicated experts, teaching them the ins and outs of the client’s system and ensuring that quality and timely delivery is top priority."

András Bujdosó
lead translator

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