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Businesses with local sales offices in several countries often receive negative feedback from local staff on translated content, mainly due to the lack of market adaptation.
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Service description

Marketing content requires more than simple translation. You need language that comes alive with style and elegance; that impresses while staying 100% factually accurate. Creative translations adapted to the audience and culture, and content seamlessly fitting your visuals.

espell has a carefully selected, talented team for marketing translations. Though a professional translator’s work can be very precise, the result may be dull, potentially  alienating would-be customers. You need copy that sounds fresh yet still conveys the same message as the original. Adaptation is the first step in this direction.

Why choose espell?


In espell’s service offering, adaptation, transcreation, and copywriting represent three approaches that increasingly transcend translation and add value through creative writing.


Adaptation should be based on clear customer guidelines. We can contribute to their development, educate linguists accordingly, and ensure compliance.


Countries have different regulatory environments for healthcare. espell can provide a team of specialists with a medical degree and experience in translating and adapting related content.


Our pricing is always custom-tailored to your needs.

We apply industry best practices to provide transparent and adaptable metrics and pricing.
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"When it comes to machine translation, there is a wide range of possible implementation strategies. One of the world’s top 50 SaaS companies chose espell to design an end-to-end process to localize their help documentation. In addition to architecting a fully automated process built on the client's infrastructure, espell’s Technology and Language Solutions team created a customized and cost-effective multi-engine MT solution with special focus on content specific configuration, engine selection and injecting terminology. The result is a fast, seamless, continuous localization process with linguistically optimized machine translation output."

Andrea Téry
head of technology and language solutions

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