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Processes and solutions span organizational borders and often involve external suppliers. Sharing and discussing best practices is essential for efficient cooperation.
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Service description

The integration of multilingual communication into your business is more than a language task. It’s an IT exercise, as well. Your provider needs to be competent in both areas, highlighting best practices and providing technology insights.

Quality at the source. Optimizing content for localization. Implementing a seamless flow across multiple tools and participants. Automation in the content lifecycle. Language asset management. Quality assessment. Metrics and reporting.

Many topics on this website discuss areas where espell can support you with tested techniques and solutions.

Why choose espell?


If you need more than a point solution, espell offers partnership. We strive to understand your processes so we can interface, integrate, and improve together.


With a wealth of content requiring availability to multilingual audiences, the need for efficient solutions is paramount. At espell, we systematically explore new technologies and pass on the benefits to our customers.


A typical challenge is to exploit the potential of AI and custom MT. We’ll share our insights and first-hand experience, helping you avoid early-adopter pitfalls.


Our pricing is always custom-tailored to your needs.

We apply industry best practices to provide transparent and adaptable metrics and pricing.
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"A leading social media provider tasked us with translating their English content into Hungarian. They needed a team that could handle promotional, legal and technical texts in their own CMS, with quick turn-around times and strict quality requirements. espell surpassed expectations by assembling a team of dedicated experts, teaching them the ins and outs of the client’s system and ensuring that quality and timely delivery is top priority."

András Bujdosó
lead translator

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