How to support a global leader with high-standard local messaging

Localization of marketing and support content for the most popular social media worldwide


espell’s client portfolio includes the world’s largest social media platform, with around 3 billion monthly active users. Since January 2021, espell has been providing localization services for their marketing materials and help content for the Hungarian audience. The challenge was to perform the translation on the company’s own cloud-based platform, while also meeting an aggressive scaling plan to take over full content handling within 6 months from the previous supplier. Additionally, espell had to adopt the customer’s editor model for linguist selection, performance monitoring, and communication to maintain quality.  


espell implemented a pipeline-based vendor management system to ramp up capacity and deployed the customer’s training model to train newly onboarded linguists and continuously expand the pool of dedicated editors. The results were excellent performance metrics, reflecting the client’s appreciation for espell’s ability to adapt to their highly regulated and controlled localization system.


3 years of cooperation so far, with regular linguistic quality assurance (LQA) benchmarks showing a steady average score of 97% after the initial few months. 99%+ average quality score in the 3rd year. These results confirm the customer’s professionalism, the importance of systematic feedback, and espell’s commitment to be a learning organization in every aspect.

"Our pharmaceutical client ranks among industry leaders, operates across multiple continents. As they embarked on introducing a new medication throughout Europe, they needed a professional partner for multilingual support. We collaborated closely with our client to engineer the ideal localization process. Our team devised a comprehensive localization strategy, with special focus on multilingual project management, regulatory adherence, and a skilled group of experts in the target countries. Together we made sure that pharmaceutical content was delivered smoothly to diverse European markets."

Julia Mikus
client services manager

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