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Do you need interpreters, booths, and conference tech? Let espell arrange every detail for you so you can focus on other matters as you prepare for your large event.
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Service description

Just share some background info with us, and our interpreters will be fully prepared. At espell, we select top-notch professionals with decades of experience in your specific field, ensuring you receive the expertise you deserve.

For conferences and events, we recommend simultaneous interpreting (when the audience listens through headsets). This gives the presenter twice as much time as consecutive translation.

If the audience is relatively small, “whispering” interpretation (or chuchotage) over portable devices can be a good alternative.

Why choose espell?


espell can supply interpreting systems and complete conference equipment throughout Central Europe and beyond.


We can cover all types of events, from small rollouts for just a few people to large, digital interpreter systems with up to 32 booths (languages) and 10,000 participants.


Large events require proactive planning and intimate coordination between organizers and other parties, with redundancies and technical support to safeguard against the unexpected. Prepare for the best with espell.


Our pricing is always custom-tailored to your needs.

We apply industry best practices to provide transparent and adaptable metrics and pricing.
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"Our client is one of the top leading businesses in the energy sector. When looking for a trusted multilingual communications partner to deliver complex technical content in multiple languages, their focus was to capture the essence of their brand's voice, while maintaining accuracy and compliance across languages. They needed a partner who understood their unique communication needs and was able to develop tailored strategies that aligned with their brand's voice and values. Our team of highly skilled linguistic experts with a wide knowledge of the fast-paced energy sector were able to provide guidance on cultural nuances and ensure their messages resonated with diverse audiences."

Dóra Green
client services manager

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