In a time of constant HR challenges (not to mention home office), many companies recognize the significance of online, interactive support for internal training.
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Service description

From educational games and webinars to full-scale enterprise learning management systems offering hundreds of courses, there is a vast selection of options.

Moreover, visually attractive content with video and animations strengthens your brand message for your partners and customers.

espell has been instrumental in the localization of several enterprise e‑learning systems and has wide experience in the adaptation of e‑learning and multimedia content into many languages.

We are familiar with the related techniques, including course authoring and content development for blended learning, self-paced and asynch learning, assessment, quizzes, etc.

Why choose espell?


Information security training is an important area where espell can help bring content to your local workforce by involving expert translators.


Training for local sales teams, partner selling guides and similar content should be carefully vetted and adapted, involving in-country feedback to make sure it fits the target market.


espell can contribute to the entire content cycle, from initial internationalization to translation and adaptation to final testing and QA.


Our pricing is always custom-tailored to your needs.

We apply industry best practices to provide transparent and adaptable metrics and pricing.
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"Sharing clients’ feedback with the linguists is always challenging, as each case is different, but serves the same purpose: providing the client with a service they are happy with. The feedback process often results in several rounds, it requires a bunch of soft skills and empathy. If I am to do a good job, the linguists should understand and incorporate the client’s requirements and align them with the linguistic aspects. I always aim at turning feedback into knowledge and support that nurtures our educated, motivated, and dedicated linguists who stay with espell on the long run."

Beáta Bíró-Nink
business partner manager

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