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Defining expected quality levels helps identify the right MT process, including the type and scope of human editing required for a given use case and audience.
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Service description

Full post-editing is aimed at achieving final quality that is similar, comparable, or equal to human translation. The goal of light post-editing is good enough quality for the intended purpose.

There are also even “lighter” post-editing processes, aimed at improving the accuracy and usability of long-tail content. These apply targeted QA checks that detect and rectify recurring issues.

Benchmarks and metrics like MT scores, LQA and edit distance, or more comprehensive A:B testing can be used to verify assumptions and fine-tune QA techniques. They also provide feedback for engine optimization.

Why choose espell?


espell has a large vendor base of linguists experienced in post-editing for the main language pairs covered by MT. We know how to select and train them for specific customer content.


We use special techniques to check for the consistent translation of feature names or UI options, and to filter out any non-translatables (product names, branded terms) corrupted by MT.


Feel free to ask for detailed service level definitions for post-editing and the scope of languages we can cover.


Our pricing is always custom-tailored to your needs.

We apply industry best practices to provide transparent and adaptable metrics and pricing.
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"Our customer is one of the top streaming content providers, with tens of millions of subscribers worldwide. When launching their services for 10+ new markets, they needed a multilingual communications partner to design a localization process from scratch that would cover diverse needs across different platforms. The espell team helped in setting up an integrated and automated authoring, content management and translation management environment, while also building a selected team of linguists to provide a seamless copywriting and localization service."

Márta Snopek
lead project manager

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