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How to get localization done when content may reside anywhere? In your CRM, design tool, or project management system. Copy-paste? Nope. Codeless integration? Maybe. Let’s explore.
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Service description

While some solutions like Salesforce offer strong integration support, that may not be the case with other software. As a result, some organizations use online Excel or Google Sheets to stage content from other sources before and after localization. Integration is sorely missing.

Yet most tools have an API, so they could be connected in a seamless workflow. Zapier is a good example of a codeless integration platform. More advanced solutions enable adding custom code. There are even middleware platforms designed specifically for localization workflows.

Why choose espell?


You can accelerate UI localization by pre-translating keys from wireframes before implementing them in code. We can recommend localization tools that offer Figma or Sketch integration.


Our Solutions team includes an architect and an in-house developer for prototyping and building custom integrations for our clients. We can involve additional developers for larger projects.


A good example of an integrated localization solution provided by espell was built around, also involving a CRM and a customer engagement platform as content sources.


Our pricing is always custom-tailored to your needs.

We apply industry best practices to provide transparent and adaptable metrics and pricing.
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"As a localization partner for clients in the field of PR and advertising, it is very important to be flexible, creative, open and proactive, while serving the client's needs in all aspects and tailoring new strategies, workflows and pricing structures to the actual needs. When our client asked for a complex technical and localization solution different from previous tasks, based on regular and close consultations with the client, we worked out an effective technical workflow and at the same time an attractive pricing structure that would allow us to offer an efficient solution for handling new file formats and high volumes, as well as to introduce new language combinations, according to the criteria specified. Keeping in mind the aspects of our long-term cooperation, our goal was not only to offer an effective solution to the client's needs in the actual project, but also to be applicable in the long term when similar tasks arise."

Ágnes Kovács
client services manager

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