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Engineering & manufacturing
Expert multilingual content for automotive, chemical, electronics, and manufacturing. Crafted by linguists with strong engineering expertise, tested to ensure optimal fit for every field and language.
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Life sciences
Medical equipment manufacturers. Big pharma. CROs. Uncompromising regulations, zero room for error. espell meticulously selects skilled translators with medical or life science degrees for up to 100 languages.
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Technology & communication
Innovation. Agile business. Enterprises and individuals equally rely on evolving communication services. espell adds the multilingual touch to the heartbeat of the world.
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Sim-ship. Multiple platforms and languages. Increasingly smaller and more urgent deltas. This calls for a flexible localization vendor tied into a highly automated process and ready to handle exceptions.
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Creative content, complex tech background. When linguistic and tech tasks are split, managing content flows and vendors becomes a burden. Try a tech-savvy partner for smart integration.
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Digital marketing and advertising. Global brand management. Campaigns. From the right messaging to cultural nuances, espell makes it all work via its creative multilingual services. Depending on the intended messaging and audience, various techniques may apply to rendering branded or editorial content, social media, short copy, long copy, and such. Having the right copywriting skills as a foundation ensures a steep learning curve to fully meet customer expectations.
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Legalese is a formidable language. It takes years of study and practice to become a legal translator. espell relies on highly trained lawyer-linguists, supplemented by additional specializations as required. Frequently encountered document types include: Contracts & Service Agreements, Terms & Conditions, corporate policies, GDPR, Data Privacy, License Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements. While these may have quite a standard structure, in-country expertise is required to adapt them to the local regulatory environment.
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Banking, capital markets, insurance. Accounting, financial reporting, investor relations. espell chooses the right subject-matter experts to translate your content for maximum return.
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