Terminology management

Branded terms for marketing. Acronyms for pharma. Terminology injected into machine translation. UI options. All validated for maximum clarity and consistency.
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Service description

Terminology management solutions support authoring and localization by proposing approved terminology to content creators and translators. New terms are suggested and discussed. Synonyms are labelled as preferred, allowed, forbidden, obsolete, or only applicable to specific contexts like UI, marketing, or internal use. Metadata is added to help identify company language, inclusive usage, etc. Optimized glossaries aid machine translation.

Multilingual terminology management is a huge effort with equal benefits. espell can offer tools, strategies, or a full solution package.

Why choose espell?


Web-based terminology tools can integrate into both authoring and localization environments, and they support collaboration.


espell is actively developing solutions to apply glossaries during machine translation to improve MT output and/or automatically validate it against the approved glossary terms.


When assessing language quality, there is considerable room for subjectivity. A carefully structured termbase ensures consistent usage and provides a standard to evaluate terminology choices.


Our pricing is always custom-tailored to your needs.

We apply industry best practices to provide transparent and adaptable metrics and pricing.
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"Our pharmaceutical client ranks among industry leaders, operates across multiple continents. As they embarked on introducing a new medication throughout Europe, they needed a professional partner for multilingual support. We collaborated closely with our client to engineer the ideal localization process. Our team devised a comprehensive localization strategy, with special focus on multilingual project management, regulatory adherence, and a skilled group of experts in the target countries. Together we made sure that pharmaceutical content was delivered smoothly to diverse European markets."

Julia Mikus
client services manager

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