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Innovation. Agile business. Enterprises and individuals equally rely on evolving communication services. espell adds the multilingual touch to the heartbeat of the world.
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Content integration
CMS connectors
Content management systems enable the efficient management and delivery of web or enterprise content. When going multilingual, close integration of localization and your CMS is essential.
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In a time of constant HR challenges (not to mention home office), many companies recognize the significance of online, interactive support for internal training.
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Character corruption. Misguided messaging. Funny or serious errors on your website or app UI. Internationalization prevents such glitches and builds trust in multilingual communications.
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Marketing adaptation
Businesses with local sales offices in several countries often receive negative feedback from local staff on translated content, mainly due to the lack of market adaptation.
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Machine translation
Defining expected quality levels helps identify the right MT process, including the type and scope of human editing required for a given use case and audience.
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Presentations can present problems. Especially with translated files. Font and layout issues are bound to appear. You need expert hands to polish up after translation.
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End-to-end solutions
TMS implementation
TMS is the machinery behind localization. Project and workflow management. Transformation of content from monolingual source to multilingual. A platform to connect all participants.
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Terminology management
Branded terms for marketing. Acronyms for pharma. Terminology injected into machine translation. UI options. All validated for maximum clarity and consistency.
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Videos, voice-over
If an image is worth a thousand words, think of the impact videos make! They give a face and voice to your company, often as a first impression to new customers.
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"Our pharmaceutical client ranks among industry leaders, operates across multiple continents. As they embarked on introducing a new medication throughout Europe, they needed a professional partner for multilingual support. We collaborated closely with our client to engineer the ideal localization process. Our team devised a comprehensive localization strategy, with special focus on multilingual project management, regulatory adherence, and a skilled group of experts in the target countries. Together we made sure that pharmaceutical content was delivered smoothly to diverse European markets."

Julia Mikus
client services manager

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