About espell

espell provides professional multilingual communication services in 100+ languages. Our robust in- house team handles every aspect of creating high-quality multilingual content. With our support, customers can ensure that their websites and sales materials are always up to date across all markets. We integrate with a wide range of tools, enabling frequent updates and continuous localization to deliver your content or new app releases to audiences worldwide.

espell history

espell translation and localization Ltd. is the result of the merger of 3 companies:

e-spell IT, established in 2005 as a localization company. e-spell IT offered localization of software, user documentation, and web content from English into more than 50 languages – including Asian and Latin-American markets – and from German into most European languages. It also served local and international IT and telecom companies with translations between English and Hungarian, specializing in highly technical and creative marketing content.


e-spell non-stop, established in 1999 as a provider of the full range of language services. e-spell non-stop focused on local and regional corporate customers requiring translation and interpreting between English, Hungarian, and other primary European languages. The company delivered premium-level services in a number of specialist areas, including finance, legal, technical, and life sciences.


Multi-Data, established in 1982 primarily to serve the German-speaking market. Multi-Data actively promoted the business of many Austrian, German, and Swiss companies in Eastern Europe through its professional translation services. A client base loyal for 30 years is a testament to the excellence of Multi-Data. Beyond its German focus, Multi-Data translated to and from all major European languages.

Why choose us

  • 1
    I don’t want just any translator – I need professionals with real insight into the subject matter.
  • 2
    A simple Word or Excel file is often not enough. I need to have my files back in their submitted format. I have no time to copy-paste or fix the layout.
  • 3
    Speed and quality are more important than price for me. I’m tired of dealing with delays, quality problems, and constant excuses from low-end vendors.
  • 4
    I need an adaptable partner for the long term who can change and grow with my company or department. Sacrificing quality will turn out to be more expensive in the long run, so I prefer working with real professionals. I don’t want to waste time, money, and effort trying out new vendors only to realize they are not up to our requirements.
  • 5
    I don’t want to deal with translation, interpreting, and conference equipment. I need an all-inclusive package.
  • 6
    I want a project manager who responds promptly to my e-mails, calls me right back, is available and dependable, and cares about my projects. They should be professionals in every respect.

Company highlights

espell is a premium provider of translation, localization, and related technical services. With 40+ years of experience and a steady annual turnover between 1.5 and 2.8 million euros over the past
ten years, espell is one of Hungary’s leading language service providers.

Our extensive partner network in Europe, East Asia, and Latin America makes us well positioned to serve local and regional businesses that focus on global markets, as well as large international companies with a presence in Central and Eastern Europe.

espell can deliver high value for particularly challenging projects. Tasks involving complex logistics, special software technologies, exotic file formats, or a high number of languages are easily single
sourced through espell. Our strong in-house staff is fully trained to support your critical requirements.

management team

01_Miklós Bán
Andrea Téry
head of technology and language solutions
András Bujdosó
lead translator
Ágnes Kovács
head of client services
Helga Endrődi
lead project manager
László Kovács
Márta Snopek
lead project manager
Nóra Zilahy
global business partner manager

global business partner team

Beáta Bíró-Nink
Bíró Nink
business partner manager
Nóra Zilahy
global business partner manager

client services team

Ágnes Kovács
head of client services
Dóra Green
client services manager
Júlia Mikus
client services manager
Kitti Kotormán
client services manager

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