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Is there a common denominator for content quality? Frameworks for evaluating both human and machine translation are available to support benchmarking.
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Service description

You want to know what you are paying for. Rate your vendors. Select the best MT engine or translation workflow for your content and target languages. Define the scope of post-editing. Monitor quality against agreed service levels.

Various techniques are available for MT quality estimation, ranging from automated methods to manual linguistic QA, though their results aren’t always comparable. A quality framework based on error typology helps to reduce subjectivity and eliminate bias in evaluations. The resulting scores can be combined with edit distance and time for comparable aggregate metrics.

Why choose espell?


espell uses a comprehensive framework adapted to different use cases. Error categories remain consistent, but their assigned weights reflect specific criteria for any given content type.


Our experience with assessing and improving the quality of transcreated content is distilled into a QA matrix. This addresses aspects like creative adaptation, tone of voice, fluency, culture, etc.


For MT post-editing, different service levels are defined based on the standard error categories. This helps to scope and limit the MT PE effort to the key quality criteria.


Our pricing is always custom-tailored to your needs.

We apply industry best practices to provide transparent and adaptable metrics and pricing.
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"For me, it's truly fulfilling when I have the chance to see how our work directly contributes to our clients' success. My personal favourite example of this was a substantial project we undertook for our partner in the biotechnology research field. They were bidding on a project in France, and the RFP documentation was only available in French, a language they didn't speak. We seamlessly translated the French RFP into English and then the documentation they compiled for submission back into French in due time, utilizing a hybrid workflow with machine translation support whenever possible. I felt genuinely happy and accomplished when, during a company dinner, they shared with me that they not only secured the tender but also consolidated their partnership with this major client, ensuring a significant milestone in their growth."

Kitti Kotormán
client services manager

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