Companies pursuing intense multi-market communication regularly share fresh content on various channels. Their offerings may differ by country, so messaging should also be differentiated.
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Service description

In such cases, translating the same content for various markets is impractical. Instead, a team of copywriters receives briefs and writes properly adapted content.

One example is a leading global streaming provider, which faced the challenge of localizing their CRM and social content, adapting it to the local cultures and audiences. espell has set up a team of copywriters and editors in 10+ languages, and also helped to develop an integrated localization environment.

In another case, espell is providing copywriting for content on baby care, where customs and practices differ widely among regions.

Why choose espell?


Adding copywriters to the pool requires an extensive onboarding process and knowledge transfer. espell is experienced in recruiting and training talent, making the process faster and more scalable.


Copywriting may be integrated into existing localization environments, but this can be tricky. espell can suggest technology solutions that are best suited for the creative process.


Workflows may include copy-editing, in-country review, and SEO. Visuals should be accessible throughout the process for reference. No aspect gets overlooked when you choose espell.


Our pricing is always custom-tailored to your needs.

We apply industry best practices to provide transparent and adaptable metrics and pricing.
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"For me, it's truly fulfilling when I have the chance to see how our work directly contributes to our clients' success. My personal favourite example of this was a substantial project we undertook for our partner in the biotechnology research field. They were bidding on a project in France, and the RFP documentation was only available in French, a language they didn't speak. We seamlessly translated the French RFP into English and then the documentation they compiled for submission back into French in due time, utilizing a hybrid workflow with machine translation support whenever possible. I felt genuinely happy and accomplished when, during a company dinner, they shared with me that they not only secured the tender but also consolidated their partnership with this major client, ensuring a significant milestone in their growth."

Kitti Kotormán
client services manager

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