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Content management systems enable the efficient management and delivery of web or enterprise content. When going multilingual, close integration of localization and your CMS is essential.
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Service description

Integration saves you the hassle of dealing with complex exports consisting of hundreds of files, or manually filtering out new and changed content for localization. Not to mention those who still extract text to Excel. With a good connector, translation jobs can be created directly from the CMS, and are automatically imported back when completed.

Integration with a localization tool improves translation accuracy, ensuring a seamless fit within the intended context and preventing common pitfalls. HTML preview helps to see how the translation will look to the end user. Inline elements and entities are handled in a user-friendly way.

Why choose espell?


Ask espell to analyze your content and processes in order to identify the best tools and integration techniques for your localization effort.


While numerous excellent tools exist, we prefer delving deeper to gain a realistic understanding of their capabilities. Our aim is to develop an optimized process that minimizes your effort and cost requirements.


Use the power of CMS all the way. Choose a localization provider intimate with the technology.


Our pricing is always custom-tailored to your needs.

We apply industry best practices to provide transparent and adaptable metrics and pricing.
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"One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies selected espell as a key translation partner for more than 50 language combinations. The volumes sent our way scaled up very rapidly, so our team had to deal with a massive, 150% increase in translation volumes within a rather short time. To address this challenge, we built a dedicated PM-team to support the client with day-to-day communication, we developed the appropriate quality assurance procedures and synchronized the work of multiple language teams. Dozens of professionals work together in scores of projects every week running in parallel to ensure the highest service level and linguistic quality."

Helga Endrődi
lead project manager

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