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espell offers a full range of services for multilingual communication, including content creation and adaptation. We cover both the linguistic aspects (translation, localization, copywriting, terminology, SEO), as well as technical tasks (content integration, video subtitling/voice-over, machine translation [MT], multilingual desktop publishing [DTP], automation for continuous localization, and more). Consequently, pricing is determined by the specific workflow involved, for example: [translation + editing + QA + DTP] or [transcreation + SEO + copy-editing] or [transcription + translation + subtitling and video engineering].

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Pricing methodology

Linguistic services are charged in two ways: by source words for translation, transcreation, editing, proofreading, MT post-editing; or by the hour for copywriting, copy-editing, linguistic QA, terminology, SEO keyword research, etc.

Technical services are usually charged by the hour: localization engineering, MT engineering, video subtitling and voice-over, etc. Desktop publishing is either charged per hour or per page.

Discounts that reduce the billable word count may be available by fully or partially reusing previous translations, by leveraging repeated sentences, or by excluding non-translatables from the net word count. Additional discounts can be negotiated for large annual volumes.

Word rates by type of text: Word rates differ between general content, text with limited context (such as software strings or voice prompts) and copy that requires creative adaptation (like marketing or promotional content). If you opt for a frame agreement, we provide a Rate Schedule with the exact terms and definitions for the various content types and, optionally, an SLA for related service levels.

Misc. other terms: Orders are subject to a minimum charge, and express delivery is subject to an express charge. DTP/engineering fees may also apply. If you need continuous localization with small volumes and short TATs, feel free to contact us for further service-level details. We can offer you a flexible, tailored solution.

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