Creative content, complex tech background. When linguistic and tech tasks are split, managing content flows and vendors becomes a burden. Try a tech-savvy partner for smart integration.
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Content integration
Custom data connections
How to get localization done when content may reside anywhere? In your CRM, design tool, or project management system. Copy-paste? Nope. Codeless integration? Maybe. Let’s explore.
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In a time of constant HR challenges (not to mention home office), many companies recognize the significance of online, interactive support for internal training.
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Machine translation
MT use cases
MT is a long, exciting journey from first trying out Google Translate to training your own custom models and adding AI-enhanced features.
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Marketing adaptation
Businesses with local sales offices in several countries often receive negative feedback from local staff on translated content, mainly due to the lack of market adaptation.
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Marketing collateral
You want to convey relevant messages to your customers. Provide sales guides to empower your sales force. Create campaigns with attractive, effective collaterals.
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Multilingual SEO
SEO is a moving target. Precision hits require keyword research in each locale and a proper toolset. Implementation is best done via transcreation or copywriting.
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End-to-end solutions
TMS implementation
TMS is the machinery behind localization. Project and workflow management. Transformation of content from monolingual source to multilingual. A platform to connect all participants.
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Videos, voice-over
If an image is worth a thousand words, think of the impact videos make! They give a face and voice to your company, often as a first impression to new customers.
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Web content
When managing a multilingual website, it’s crucial to seamlessly incorporate localization to minimize content cycle disruptions and ensure satisfaction among creative and sales teams.
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"One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies selected espell as a key translation partner for more than 50 language combinations. The volumes sent our way scaled up very rapidly, so our team had to deal with a massive, 150% increase in translation volumes within a rather short time. To address this challenge, we built a dedicated PM-team to support the client with day-to-day communication, we developed the appropriate quality assurance procedures and synchronized the work of multiple language teams. Dozens of professionals work together in scores of projects every week running in parallel to ensure the highest service level and linguistic quality."

Helga Endrődi
lead project manager

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