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Life Sciences

No other industry is more strictly regulated. As a medical equipment manufacturer, a pharma company or a CRO, you will need a translation partner with thorough knowledge of current legislation, standards, specifications, and a solid understanding of medical, scientific and technical terms.

There is absolutely no margin for error here. For this reason, espell carefully chooses industry experts with the appropriate medical or life science degrees to ensure that translations and field-specific terms are 100% correct.

Our customers include Pfizer, Roche, Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, and MSD Pharma.

Web localization

E-commerce knows no borders – except for the language barrier. Go multilingual, and enter a world of opportunities. Capture prospects with fresh and engaging content formulated by native language professionals.

Web portals, online shops, and web-based software. Marketing materials, email campaigns, blogs, and microsites. espell has vast experience in web localization. With our technological background, we provide reliable service and quick turnaround.

Tip: Did you know that espell can integrate with your existing CMS system, making localization smooth and almost instant as your content evolves?

Marketing resources

You want the relevant messages on your website. In a language familiar to your potential customers. You want to empower your international sales force. For your campaigns you need attractive, effective collaterals in multiple languages.

Marketing content requires more than simple translation. You need language that comes alive with style and elegance, impressing while being 100% factually accurate. Creative translations adapted to the audience and culture, and content seamlessly fitting your visuals.

espell has a carefully selected team of creative talents for marketing translations into many languages. Though a professional translator’s work may be very precise, the result may be dull, or even alienate potential customers. Creative translation (also called “transcreation”) is like writing fresh copy conveying exactly the same message as the original.

Experience the difference between translation and transcreation. Try espell.

Pharmaceutical translations

Small print, enormous responsibility. In pharma, it is not enough just to translate content on packaging and labels. The smallest details must be meticulously checked under the linguistic microscope.

Typically, every country requires package leaflets (in compliance with the EMA QRD templates and MedDRA specifications), labels, and packaging. Registration dossiers, testing specifications. Technical data sheets, SOPs. Training and promotional materials.

Must you command an army to produce all of this? espell takes responsibility for translation, review, and pre-print. So instead of coordinating a network of subcontractors, you only need to work with your dedicated project manager – for any task, for all languages.

Clinical research

One of espell’s customers is a large CRO, for which we translate a range of documents into 45 languages. Informed consent forms, hospital contracts, trial protocols and questionnaires, CTA application documentation.

Some of these documents concern the trial phase of clinical research, like the translation of feedback from patients and hospitals. For documents like these, CROs must have complete accuracy in translation.

We ensure this by using back-translation by an independent team or through third-party certification. Once the translation is ready, we ask the second team to translate it back into the original language or to certify accuracy and completeness.

Medical equipment

Translation related to medical devices demands a combination of expertise in three fields: medical, technology, and software. This is normally not a job for a single translator, no matter how skilled.

Recently, espell was entrusted with the translation of documentation of surgical instruments. To identify the correct medical terminology for this project, we engaged an expert with a surgical degree.

espell relies on finding the right experts and consultation with our customers on the proper terminology. For translations with surgical precision.

Financial translations

Banking, capital markets, insurance, accounting, financial reporting, investor relations: all sorts of companies need to outsource translation of financial documents. The language is difficult, the content is sensitive, the stakes are high. And the contact info of the last good financial translator you worked with might not be at hand.

espell project managers will know exactly whom to call. If hundreds of pages are to be translated in a matter of days, they assemble a team and set up proper quality controls. espell’s vendor managers have a carefully designed process in place for selecting and recruiting translators who add the most value to your assignments.

If you have high translation volumes and need a scalable solution, or if your documents require specialized field expertise you cannot find in the target languages, you only need one call. Outsource the problem to espell and get on with your job.

Legal documents

Legalese is one of the most difficult languages in the world. It takes years of study and practice to become a legal translator. espell works with highly trained lawyer-linguists. We also train them in-house in fields like EU terminology and researching online databases.

Depending on the nature of the project, we also involve subject-matter experts for finance, IT, medical, engineering, etc. Professionals to the core, tested and vetted.

espell is well prepared to translate your sensitive and highly confidential documents, and also provides certified/sworn translation both digitally and in hard copy. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Business documents

The documents just keep coming. Memos, reports, content updates to your website. From time to time, you have a mountain of tender documentation to translate. And everything is urgent. And while George from accounting speaks good French, and your colleagues suggest he could do the job, you have serious doubts.

Translation has become a commodity. You turn to the market and are immediately flooded with offers. Most from individual translators or small agencies with a staff of 2–3 people. And of course there are the big players. All promise to take your jobs seriously.

Even with all the assurances, you find that translations need to be extensively reworked in-house to become suitable for your audience and polished for publication.

Best to choose a single provider for your language needs. A stable partner will accumulate familiarity with your organization, processes, products, and language standards with each new assignment. This knowledge will then be reflected in the translations.

Premium service actually saves costs in the long run.

Software localization

Software development demands flexibility and agility. Localization managers need quick turnaround to meet tight release schedules and ensure simultaneous shipment in multiple languages. They want suppliers with strong project management and technical capabilities.

Technology? espell hosts a dedicated server to support localization in up to 40 languages simultaneously. We can also connect to any web-based or cloud localization tool. Online terminology and query management are integrated into the process.

Agility? We support incremental, continuous localization with 24 or 48-hour turnaround time.

Volume and languages? espell has localized NNG navigation software into 53 languages and LogMeIn solutions into 40, delivering an average output of several million words annually for each of these customers.

Problems? Yes, there will always be problems. This is why we have specially trained localization project managers and engineers in-house.

We will be glad to provide a free audit of your company's existing localization processes to recommend best practices upon request.

Technical documentation

Complex formatting. Tables and diagrams with translatable text. Index entries and cross-references. Your colleagues want you to incorporate last-minute changes that may jeopardize a meticulously balanced layout. Open questions that remain unanswered until past deadline. Missing fonts and linked graphics… the list goes on.

Have you been there? If so, you may also know the headache of documents created in different InDesign versions or in those annoyingly numerous, tiny XML files. By now, you already know how important it is to have a firm-handed project manager on board, making sure deadlines are met, even if everything goes haywire toward the end.

espell has PMs trained on the front lines, backed up by a team of DTP professionals. They will get the job done with no loose ends.

Tip: If you have spent money on graphic design for a professional-looking document, don't pay for it again! Send the files to espell in their native format, and we will deliver you a print-ready translated version, saving you not only money but also precious time.

CMS and document management

Most websites and professional publications are created in a content management system (CMS). The best way to localize them is by integrating the CMS with a translation environment, where translators can see the source text, the tag context, and a visual preview showing how the final translation will look to the end user.

Integration saves you the hassle of dealing with complex exports consisting of hundreds of files, or manually copying translatable text into Excel. It also allows translation to better fit the context, avoiding typical localization pitfalls. Finally, you can import results with a few clicks.

espell engineers the translation process so that translators can concentrate on linguistic quality, while turnaround times will be significantly shorter.

Tip: Use the power of CMS all the way. Chose yourself a localization provider intimate with the technology.

Creative adaptation and transcreation

Over the years, espell has successfully contributed to the campaigns of HP, Mazda, Estée Lauder, Chanel Paris, Red Bull, and other leading brands. We have developed our special methodology to creatively adapt marketing slogans and key campaign messages.

First we select a talent pool of translators with outstanding authoring skills. We also survey our customers’ expected terminology, style, target audience, and any other requirements. Then we task a number of translators with providing their particular versions of the content to be adapted. At the end we evaluate these, using a focus group to select the most suitable final translation.

We have employed this technique with the campaigns of British American Tobacco, Shell, IKEA, Electrolux, Bosch, and others, to great success.

Of course the process involves experimentation and client feedback. Still, a focus group’s evaluation of multiple versions yields more compelling results than a translation by a single person.

Multimedia & interactive content

The content businesses employ to reach their target audience is crucial in the age of social media.

Finding the right tone. Colors. Formal vs. informal. A personal touch vs. strictly business. Issues to be decided first when professionals create content, and again when it is recreated in another language.

Translation is only one of many steps in the adaptation of promotional videos, webinars, animated and interactive content. These tasks also require complex technology and expertise you may not have in-house. Finally a native language professional must verify the result.

It is best not to break multimedia localization into separate linguistic and technical tasks, since coordinating between vendors can be very time-consuming. Why not let espell give you all this in one package. We have all the skills, background, technology, and experience to back you up.

Subtitling, voice-over, dubbing

Promotional videos, presentations, and multimedia training content need to be localized into different languages. Timecoded scripts with subtitling. Transcription, stationary, and animated text. Voice-overs and dubbing with full or semi lip synch. Audio integration, video production.

Can all of this be done with good quality if the technical staff does not speak the target languages?

espell offers you any or all of these services in the package you choose. Delivering you translated versions in the final format. Translated and checked by native speakers. Coordinating all technical details with the experts on your team.

Tip: We can send you audio samples of select voice talents for any language, so you can find the most suitable voices.

E-learning, videos, games

In a time of constant HR challenges, many companies recognize the significance of online support for internal training and education. From educational games and webinars to full-scale enterprise learning systems offering hundreds of courses, there is a vast selection of options.

Moreover, visually attractive content with video and animations strengthens your brand message for your partners and customers.

espell has been instrumental in the localization of several enterprise e‑learning systems, and has wide experience in the adaptation of e‑learning and multimedia content into many languages.

Tip: Take an inventory of your existing English or German e‑learning materials that might be useful for training your employees and sales partners in other countries.

Business interpreting

Whenever you have a business meeting, an important event, or a training seminar with foreign participants, you may need an interpreter to be your voice. This involves a risk. Interpreting is a relationship of trust.

espell prepares interpreters for the assignment by sharing all available background materials and terminology resources. We only work with tried and approved field experts, regularly solicit client feedback, and supervise the interpreters’ performance on site.

Tip: Choosing espell for written translations helps to ensure that the interpreters will be familiar with your organisation, products, services, and terminology. So they can competently interpret for you.

Conference interpreting

Do you need interpreters, booths, and conference tech? espell can arrange every detail for you, as we know all too well how busy you are when organizing a large event. We will merely ask you to provide some background information, so we can prepare our interpreters.

espell uses the best in the trade. This lets us handpick professionals who have been in the business for decades, and are the interpreters most familiar with your field.

Tip: Simultaneous interpreting (when the audience listens through headsets) gives the presenter twice as much time as consecutive translation. If the audience is relatively small, “whispering” interpretation (or chuchotage) over portable devices can be a good alternative.

Conference equipment

From small rollouts for just a few people to large, digital interpreter systems with up to 32 booths (languages) and 10,000 participants: espell can provide you interpreting systems and complete conference equipment in all of Central Europe and beyond.

Hosting business events requires careful planning and logistics, and may be a serious drain on your resources. Why not use our other services too: high-performance projector technology, sound and light systems for small and large audiences, an interactive voting system with customizable software, computer-based registration, visual decoration and installations, and technical staff.

espell frequently provides interpretation and conference equipment to meet the needs of prominent businesses and organizations, including the Budapest Stock Exchange, Telenor, J.P. Morgan, Oracle, and Shell.

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