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Language professionals

Angol-magyar lektor: IT/social media

Dutch subtitle translator wanted

Magyar-német és német-magyar fordító/lektor

Creative translators/transcreators EN>DE and EN>FR

Freelance translators and editors for Nordic languages

QA specialist

Linguists with superpowers


Angol-magyar lektor: IT/social media

Tapasztalt szabadúszó lektorokat keresünk közösségimédia-platform angol>magyar marketing-szövegeinek lektorálásához.

Olyan kollégákat keresünk, akik:

  • szeretnek és tudnak lektorálni egy válogatott, szakértő fordítói és lektori csapattal együtt dolgozva
  • IT/marketing/social media terén rendelkeznek igazolható fordítási és lektorálási tapasztalattal
  • elkötelezettek a hosszú távú, rendszeres együttműködés mellett
  • hosszú távon heti szinten átlagosan 5.000-10.000 szó lektorálását tudják vállalni
  • készek az ügyfél saját fejlesztésű CAT-eszközében dolgozni
  • precízen és körültekintően dolgoznak; munkájuk során követik a stilisztikai útmutatót és használják az egyéb erőforrásokat
  • kiválóan ismerik és alkalmazzák a magyar helyesírás szabályait
  • szeretnek és tudnak is csapatban dolgozni
  • vállalják, hogy elkészítenek egy próbamunkát és részt vesznek az espell onboarding folyamatában


Amiért érdemes jelentkezned:

  • hosszú távon rendszeres, előre tervezhető feladatokkal tudunk ellátni
  • változatos tartalmú szövegeken dolgozhatsz
  • szakértő csapatban dolgozhatsz
  • együttműködhetsz a dedikált fordítói és lektori csapat többi tagjával


A jelentkezéseket életrajzzal, benne a releváns lektori tapasztalatokkal és vállalási ár (forrásnyelvi szóár) megjelölésével a címre várjuk.

Dutch subtitle translator wanted

espell translation and localization Ltd. is a strategic localization partner to one of the world’s leading global streaming service providers. Our client pursues intense multimarket communication with users on various digital channels, and to support their business objectives, we are now looking for Dutch native freelance subtitle translators for regular and long-term collaboration.



  • localization of subtitles from English into Dutch for short video spots ranging from 1-7 minutes in length for marketing purposes to be displayed on various social media platforms



  • Subtitle Edit and
  • training and support will be provided



  • usually 2-5 videos/day
  • approximately 50 video minutes/month
  • espell will conclude a monthly fix deal for 50 video minutes, additional minutes will be paid proportionally



  • we expect you to check in daily
  • the workload generally requires 1-3 hours of work/day
  • the standard turnaround time is 1-2 working days, although occasionally same day delivery may be requested



  • native Dutch with flawless spelling, grammar and style
  • excellent command of English
  • subtitle translation skills and experience
  • experience with social media and digital marketing
  • strong time management and cooperation skills, attention to detail
  • bachelor’s degree is required
  • being a film buff is a plus


Selection process

  • screening and shortlisting candidates based on their CVs
  • interview with espell’s global business partner manager
  • subtitle translation test


Please, send your application and CV to Nora Zilahy ( and confirm your availability for the selection process in April-May. Please, also confirm that you are available to cover the above volumes from the end of the selection process.


Creative translators/transcreators EN>DE and EN>FR wanted

We are looking for creative translators/transcreators who are native French or German speakers, for the jobs of a regular client, an IT company specialized in remote cooperation technologies.

We have been working with this client for several years on 25+ languages. As the demand for and the volumes of creative translations are increasing, we are expanding our team.

  • end-client: IT company specialized in remote cooperation technologies
  • language combination: English to German and English to French
  • content type: mainly marketing transcreation requiring high level of creativity, as well as understanding of IT
  • volume: in 2021 marketing content in these language combinations averaged at 4-5000 source words/week, which is shared in a team of linguists. 
  • CAT tool: XTM
  • should you have experience with web SEO, please indicate it


Selection process:

Stage 1: evaluating incoming applications

Stage 2: test translation

Test translation:

Please confirm your availability for 500-1000 words test translation.

If you are interested, please send your application including a professional CV and experience as well as your rates (preferably per source word) to


Freelance translators and editors for Nordic languages

We are looking for experienced translators working from and to Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic and Danish in combination with English for potential cooperation and various text types.


  • translation/editing from Nordic languages into English or from English into Nordic languages



  • native speaker of Norwegian/Swedish/Finnish/Icelandic/Danish with flawless grammar, spelling and style
  • for services from Nordic languages into English: native speaker of English, with a good knowledge of the source language, ability to understand specialized texts in the source language in different fields (medical, legal, technical, etc.)
  • experience with computer assisted translation environment (mainly MemoQ)
  • strong time management and cooperation skills, attention to details
  • freelancer, who can issue invoices for translation services 
  • previous experience with translation companies is a plus


You can expect:

  • a variety of subject matters and types of texts
  • professional project preparation
  • competent project managers
  • support from espell’s in-house experts (project managers, business partner managers, engineers, QA specialists)


Please send your application with your CV and your rates (preferably per source word) to


QA specialist

Serving one of our major clients’ software and marketing localization needs involves a quality assurance process after the in-country translation and editing phase. Our QA team consists of both internal and freelance linguists. We are currently looking for freelance translators, proofreaders, editors or quality assurance specialists open for long-term cooperation and regular multilingual quality assurance jobs (on a weekly or even a daily basis).

Task description:

  • Simultaneous, machine-translation assisted review of multiple translations based on an English-language source text
  • Independent correction of formal errors (e.g. punctuation, numbers and dates, formatting and other codes), spell-checking
  • Reviewing the translations’ content and language quality and contacting the in-country translators for the correction of emerging issues (e.g. misinterpretations or linguistic errors)
  • Terminology review (for adequacy and consistency) based on the resources available (term bases, translation memories, websites or software interfaces)
  • Query management: ensuring that the queries posed by the translators and answered by the client and the instructions received for the translation project have been implemented across all target languages (e.g. spelling of specific product names, non-translatable words, interpretation of ambiguous parts of the source text)



  • Independent contractor with the ability to issue invoices
  • Excellent command of English
  • Intermediate proficiency of German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, French or Italian
  • Attention to detail, meticulousness, systemic approach
  • Ability to cope with monotony (in case of larger projects) and stress (in case of smaller projects)
  • Good cooperation and communication skills



  • Intermediate proficiency of Japanese, Korean, Chinese or Russian
  • Interest in technology
  • Experience with machine translation tools
  • Experience in working with localization service companies
  • Translation, editing or proofreading experience (particularly in teams; experience with giving, receiving or managing feedback)



  • Long-term, regular work on a weekly or daily basis
  • Comprehensive onboarding and training
  • Teamwork: continuous support, platforms to discuss issues and dilemmas
  • Active participation in espell’s daily work with opportunities to work on other tasks or participate in further projects
  • Invitation to the company’s after-hours programs (e.g. concerts, team-building), as the pandemic permits


To apply, please submit your CV and cover letter at


Linguists with superpowers wanted

Are you an experienced linguist with a superpower (such as MT post-editing, creative translation/transcreation, copywriting, SEO, maybe voice-over)?

You would like to cooperate with espell but the recent job postings don’t fit your expertise?

No problem! Please send your application with your CV, experience and description of your superpower along with your rates to

Once we have a project that suits your profile, we’ll be happy to contact you.

Looking forward to your application.


About espell:

espell translation & localization ltd. is a premium provider of translation, localization, and related technical services. With 35 years of experience espell is one of Central Europe’s leading language service providers. Our extensive partner network in Europe, East Asia, and Latin America makes us well positioned to serve Hungarian and regional businesses that focus on global markets, as well as global enterprise customers with a presence in Central and Eastern Europe.